A Fond Farewell Bonanza


The folks at Comedy Central contacted me earlier this year, and I’m pleased to say I’ll be a correspondent for The Daily Show this fall as their native plant expert. As such, I find it necessary to end my time here at the most wonderful of places on the internet, where so many of us […]

The Art of Selfless Garden Design

Amonsia hubrichtii -- a feast for queens.

I think there’s a myth out there that good garden design for humans can not also be good garden design for other species (and other humans, in the case of filtering groundwater, cleaning the air, etc). It’s not an either or proposition. Speaking in generalizations, many (not all) garden designers, to me, feel beholden to […]

Hope in Ecological Hopelessness


We are remaking the world in our own image. From carbon emissions to water use, to shifting climate zones and exotic plant choices, to habitat loss and oil extraction, not one square inch of this world is unaltered. It’s far easier psychologically to reframe this sad reality with hope – hope that things will get […]

Falling in Love Harder

wake us

Have you had your heart broken in the garden? I’m not talking about human love – not teddy-bear-chocolates Valentine’s Day love that’s momentary and overly sweet. No, I’m talking total and complete breaking open to a moment or experience. Maybe you had it in a woodland or prairie, or on the ocean or a river. […]

Less Honey Bee, More Native Bee

Prairie Clover

Stop with the honey bee talk. Every day I come across a half dozen new articles on the plight of the European honey bee — it’s become sheer agony for me. Frankly, even though neonics and glyphosate and modern farming techniques play a key role in honey bee loss (among many other life forms), I […]

How Prairie Saves Lives


It’s flyover country out here in Nebraska. Each spring millions of waterfowl come through on their way to breeding grounds in the Dakotas (some 90% of North American ducks breed there), Canada, and the arctic circle. 90 minutes west of here is a pretty famous migration that brings in big tourist bucks — some 500,000 […]

Sowing the Seed Heads of Love


I tried really hard to come up with a cheesy title for this piece based on the continual 80s music soundtrack I have in my head, and I think I succeeded. Name the band, get a free prairie!* But more to the point, I am in love with seed heads — god, I am enraptured. […]

Getting Native in Lincoln


My city is making strides, bit by bit, in creating areas of partly native plant landscapes. It’s certainly good to see. Yet new spaces are still often dominated by the same exotic plants you’d see in any city across the country (Karl Foerster I’m looking at you) and large slabs of impermeable concrete. I don’t […]

Waking to the Moment

Not my garden, but a nearby prairie.

It had been a long day; to tell you the truth I don’t remember why, but I’ve been juggling far more things this year than ever before in my life. Sunsets and sunrises seem to be about an hour apart in my world, and I know that if I’m to get to the place where […]

Monarchs With a Vengeance

Monarch & milkweed soup.

I remember the day distinctly. July 15 of this year — also my birthday, also my parent’s wedding anniversary. One of my dozen or so Liatris ligulistylis had opened its first bloom and I thought nothing of it. Summer was progressing at warp speed, more warpier with each passing year. In 2013 I raised 5 […]

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