About Tony McGuigan

Tony McGuigan is the author of Habitat It And They Will Come:  The Why, Who, and Fun-How of Creating Animal Habitats in Your Yard. Tony brings his many diverse skills and passions to Spore Lore’s products and services. His experience as a registered nurse and background in early childhood development, accounting, building, plumbing, sustainable landscaping and gardening—along with being a papa, avid outdoorsman, and enthusiastic student of life—infuses his work as a writer, photographer, editor, and publisher with a uniquely creative perspective, courageous out-of-the box thinking, and immense humor. Related to gardening and ecological landscape design, Tony holds a Sustainable Landscape Professional Certificate from Sonoma State University and a Permaculture Design Certificate from Regenerative Design Institute. Although grounded in cutting-edge research and literature of the field, Tony is pragmatic, not a purist, is unconventional in his landscaping approach yet has an eye for the aesthetic, is a master of reuse and recycling, and is a keen observer of nature and nurturer of relationships—animal, plant and human. Follow Tony on Facebook and also on Twitter 

Citrus Caterpillar Corner

Box Elder Beetles, mating, California

  The habitat installation, Citrus Caterpillar Corner, has been in a few days now.  Today’s upgrade was to re-unite the oak spire with its bark that was left behind on the driveway.  The massive oak limb section has provided habitat for critters on our driveway for a few years; most of the bark fell away [...]

Not-So-Clean Up Garden

Arboreal Salamander

Ahhh, spring is on its way.  My bones are starting to thaw.  Longer days beckon me to spend time in the garden.  And, being the good gardener that I am, I have an award-winning list of tasks that I ought to be getting to.  Self-imposed oughts, of course.  And I stress “self-imposed” because I bet [...]

Happy Valentines Day AND Garden What You Love

Glass hearts adore Mayan Totem

Love in the Garden Happy Valentines Day to you, my gardening and lover of Wildlife friend.  May your heart overspill with joy and touch others today and beyond.  Love is the answer; gardening sometimes gets us there. Today’s post first mentions a Cupid visit in the garden, then focuses on what I am currently loving [...]

Barn Owl Neighborly Box — animal habitat installation


Why a barn owl box? My family and I have decided to grow more food.  We want fruit and vegetables all year long.  Our gardens are becoming increasingly laden with such abundance, including grape, fig, apples, peach, currant, pineapple guava, huckleberry, Chilean guava, leafy greens, and typical annual vegetables. More food grown = more food [...]

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