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Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens is a multi-author blog whose purpose is to discuss the value of native plants to wildlife, to energy conservation, to sustainability, and to ecosystem health.

We’ve brought together some great voices to illustrate how creating healthy gardens will in turn create a healthy planet. We’ll be sharing simple tips and steps for you to implement in your gardens to make the world a greener, more environmentally friendly place.

Every positive choice to protect the earth that we make in our own gardens will cumulatively add up to huge benefits for the environment, for ecosystems, and for the wildlife who depend on specific habitats.

Habitat loss and degradation is the leading cause of wildlife species decline, so your garden really can make a difference when you learn to create welcoming habitat for wildlife and make healthy choices in your garden.

Watch for exciting posts from our team members, including:

  • Catherine Zimmerman, author of Urban and Suburban Meadows
  • Sue Reed, author of Energy Wise Landscape Design
  • Kevin Songer, green roof expert of the blogs Metro Verde and Living Green Roofs. Follow @kevinsonger on Twitter
  • Risa Edelstein of Garden and the Good Life
  • Genevieve Schmidt of North Coast Gardening. Follow @NCoastGardening on Twitter
  • Heather Holm of Restoring the Landscape with Native Plants
  • Carole Sevilla Brown of Ecosystem Gardening and Beautiful Wildlife Garden. Follow @CB4wildlife on Twitter

Also watch for many new surprises to be added to this list!

We are a team of many different experience levels and many different ideas, coming together to help us all create healthy gardens and a healthy planet. We’re excited about this opportunity and hope that you will join us in this discussion. Please leave your comments and thoughts below.

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    About Carole Sevilla Brown

    Carole Sevilla Brown is a Conservation Biologist who firmly believes that wildlife conservation begins in your own back yard. Carole is an author, educator, speaker, and passionate birder, butterfly watcher,  and naturalist who travels around the country teaching people to garden sustainably, conserve natural resources, and create welcoming habitat for wildlife so that you will attract more birds, butterflies, pollinators and other wildlife.. She gardens for wildlife in Philadelphia, zone 6b, and created the philosophy of Ecosystem Gardening. Watch for her book Ecosystem Gardening, due out soon. Carole is managing editor of  Beautiful Wildlife Garden, and also  Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens. Follow Carole on twitter, @CB4wildlife and on Google+


    1. Annie Haven | Authentic Haven Brand says:

      Congratulations on your new site I look forward to visiting often Annie
      Annie Haven | Authentic Haven Brand recently posted..Cow Poo Laundry

      • Carole Sevilla Brown says:

        Thanks for stopping by, Annie. It’s so nice to see you here. Plus you get the gold star award for posting the first ever comment here :)
        Carole Sevilla Brown recently posted..The Quest

    2. Benjamin Vogt says:

      Awesome. I just did an interview with my local paper about blogs and native plants, and said when I planted natives I noticed a ten fold increases in insects (which are sorta important). More sites like this please! :)
      Benjamin Vogt recently posted..Monarchs are Too Early

      • Carole Sevilla Brown says:

        Hi Benjamin! Yes, insects really are “sorta important” I really enjoyed your article about the Monarchs, too. Great incentive for each of us to add more Asclepias to our gardens ASAP
        Carole Sevilla Brown recently posted..The Quest

    3. Ecological Gardening says:

      To Carole and the other authors,

      This looks like it will be an excellent site. I love its proposed embrace of all things green and growing. So much of our world is a garden– we should nurture it wisely and well.

      Best wishes and I look forward to visiting often.

      Ecological Gardening recently posted..We Need More Native Plants in Our Parks



    1. Reflection and Anticipation says:

      [...] to get the message out. So I brought together an amazing team of writers and started a new project, Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens. Not like I didn’t have anything else to do Summer Surprise in the [...]


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